Shri Om Prakash Jindal more popularly known as O.P. Jindal was born on August 7, 1930 to a farmer Late Netram Jindal of village Nalwa of district Hisar in Haryana. Since his childhood the young Jindal had interested in technical work. He started his industrial career with a small bucket-manufacturing unit in Hisar. In 1964, he commissioned a Pipe Unit Jindal India Limited, followed by a large factory in 1969 under the name Jindal Strips Limited.

Sh. Jindal always had the conviction that India should be self-reliant in every sector of industry. He visited several foreign countries to elicit latest industrial technical development and know-how. He acquired a great deal of knowledge, which he aptly applied to enhance production of his industrial establishments. At present, there are twenty factories under the flagship of the Jindal Organization, which are worth over US $ 10 Billion, under whose umbrella thousands of families directly or indirectly benefit themselves.

In the memories of Late Sh. O.P. Jindal, we are offering O.P. Jindal social and charitable trust services. Sh. O.P. Jindal was the Chairman of the Jindal Organization. In November 2004, Sh. Jindal was conferred the prestigious "Life Time Achievement Award" for his outstanding contribution to the Indian Steel Industry by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry. According to the latest Forbes' List, Sh. O.P. Jindal has been ranked 13th amongst the richest Indians of the country and placed 548th amongst the richest persons of the world.

He was social reformer and social servant for society. His life's mission was to help others particularly the common man in every possible way. The list of his philanthropic activities is rather long. He was the Chairman of N.C. Jindal Charitable Trust, A Social Charitable Trust, under whose auspices a 300 Bed N.C. Jindal Institute of Medical Care functions in Hisar Haryana. A 10+2 Girls Residential School in the name of Vidya Devi Jindal School is also run at Hisar. The girls school spreads over 40 acres of land. Another 10+2 school by the name of N.C. Jindal Public School for 4000 students is being run in Delhi. For his selfless social charitable services, charitable trust services and philanthropic contributions, he was unanimously nominated as the Chairman of the Maharaja Agarsen Medical Education & Scientific Research Society. He was also the custodian trustee of the Agroha Vikas Trust. Sh. Jindal was known for his unassuming generosity and donates crores of rupees annually not only to known but also to needy strangers. Numerous social and religious institution of India also received liberal donations from Sh. Jindal for noble causes.

He was a successful industry visionary and would remain as a role model for others by providing social contribution to society. On account of his dedicated services to various sections of society particularly, of the poor and backward classes, he was revered by all. In the recent years, he was dedicating his maximum time for alleviating poverty of the economically backward people. Sh. Jindal always advocated for granting a rightful place for weaker sections in politics. He was above caste politics and wanted all to come up regardless of their caste, colour and creed. For these qualities he commanded great respect amongst the masses. He firmly held the view that all differences in life that exist today can be amicably resolved with meaningful meetings and dialogues.

Sh. Jindal's philosophy was that without the upliftment of weaker and backward sections of society our nation's dream of being a leading nation of the world shall remain unfulfilled. To realize his this conviction he was motivated into politics. Like industry even in politics he had a successful story to tell. He received tremendous support and cooperation of people in the political arena and resultantly became a Member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly in 1991. Soon after in 1996, he was elected as a Member of Parliament in the 11th Lok Sabha from the Kurukshetra Parliamentary Constituency of Haryana with a landslide victory. Infact, he was the first industrialist of India to be elected as a Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha.

As a Member of Parliament, he proved himself as a matured, seasoned and an honest parliamentarian who came up to the expectation of people, who had consigned faith in him. He liberally funded various welfare projects not only from the Government but also from his personal resources. Sh. Jindal was a sitting Congress MLA from the Hisar Legislative Assembly and was appointed Minister of Power, Govt. of Haryana. Sh. Jindal won the Hisar Legislative Assembly seat of Haryana consecutively thrice.

Sh. Jindal's mantra was “where others saw walls he saw doors”. Then whether it was opening doors or breaking down walls he always led the way. The life journey of Sh. Jindal from a farmer's son to a successful industrialist, a philanthropist, a politician and a leader would serve as a great source of inspiration for generations to come.

OP Jindal was a father figure for millions. Where other see walls, he saw doors of opportunities, not just for himself, but for the entire nation.
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